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A Thousand Steps in The Cotswolds: A Photodiary - The Luxe Edition

A Thousand Steps in The Cotswolds: A Photodiary


Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds fields

Cotswolds Field

Cotswolds nature horse

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds vintage car

Cotswolds manor estate

Cotswolds nature

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds estate


Cotswolds sheep


Cotswolds mill

“The Old Mill” at Lower Slaughter – Built in 1086, it produced flour until 1959.

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds FWIS

Cotswolds icecream

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds bakery

Cotswolds Cottage

Cotswolds Cottage





If you were born in the city you’ll probably agree that at times a restlessness appears, & translates into an urge to venture into otherness. Away from familiarity, from chains of expectation, & routine of everyday. It’s like an itch, but deep in the soul. Because drinking in fresh air, in the country side does one much good more often than not.  Away from the hustle & bustle, & the demand to be instantly available at the beck of a beeping, whistling, & singing phone.

On one such occasion, I found myself deep in the Cotswolds. It takes about 1.5 hours from London, & is full of cute little villages with honey stone buildings. These are made from the golden Cotswold stone that is quarried from the bedrock of Jurassic limestone. This stone is rich in fossils, especially sea urchins, & lends it its golden colour.

The Cotswolds used to be major trade area for wool in medieval times, & the region prospered from the trade. The influx of affluence led to the building of grand stone structures, including churches.

You can either drive, or go by train from Paddington station, or a coach. We arrived in Stow on Wold, passing Burford on the way which is very picturesque. A medieval stone bridge passes over the river, roads lined with beautiful stone houses from the 17th & 18th century leading to narrow alleyways. It used to be an important wool market in medieval times.

We walked about 10 miles from village to village, through rugged green fields, overlooking rows & rows of harvest.

From Stow on Wold, through Lower & Upper Slaughter. And then onto Bourton-on-the-Water.

The occasional horse, or cows startled, & peering curiously at us. Grand estates, & finely kept stone facades. A clear blue sky, & wild colourful flowers adorning the corners of every turn that we made.

The gentle silence of an open space was like a clean sheet of paper to write ones thoughts on. And so I did, with every step I took: I felt I was walking toward some decisions. A final untangle of very tangled musings! Not to mention, my camera was especially happy with the beautiful scenes to capture!

Where did you last travel to? What did you enjoy about it most?

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