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Brunch at Gallipoli Cafe, Islington - The Luxe Edition

Brunch at Gallipoli Cafe, Islington

The-Luxe-Edition-Gallipoli-Cafe-ReviewThe-Luxe-Edition-Gallipoli-Halal-BrunchThe-Luxe-Edition-Gallipoli-Halal-Brunch The-Luxe-Edition-Gallipoli-Cafe-ReviewThe-Luxe-Edition-Gallipoli-Cafe-Review
I went to Gallipoli Cafe & Bistro for brunch with the family, it serves Turkish & Mediterranean food. They do a Halal brunch which is great, just ask! Always a win win for meat lovers. I chose the Full English Breakfast, served with Spicy Turkish Sausages. Not the healthiest haha..It is okay once in a while, no? 🙂 There is also the option of a Vegetarian, & Turkish breakfasts, if you wish to have something different and healthier! 🙂

Yusra went for the Turkish Breakfast, which included a boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, Feta cheese, Honey, Butter, melon, olives, Cheese borek, Turkish sausage and fresh bread.

We had our breakfasts served with Fresh Mint Tea, in little silver tea pots. Very refreshing!

What is your favourite cuisine? Any places you would recommend for Brunch? Let me know 🙂

Zahra xx


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  • LOL… our Bulgarian breakfast is quite similar to the Turkish – it only would end at the Feta cheese and skip the rest :))

    • Cool..I haven’t had Bulgarian cuisine yet. I need to try this! 🙂