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If you want to how to find the best local spots to visit in London, you are in the right place!

Recently, I was invited to the relaunch of the Culture Trip app, a travel inspiration app full of local gems.

We were taken on an exciting day out exploring local hidden London gems, starting with a riverside blogger brunch in the trendy wisteria clad Coppa club.

Afterwards we exercised our legs on a walk around London’s East End with award winning Alternative London, who showed us some secret spots. The street art scene and history here is fascinating.

We finished off with an artisan pizza masterclass at Radio Alice pizzeria (Hoxton Square), feasting on our scrumptious pizza creations after.

Scroll down to see more of the day.

The Culture Trip Story

I have been a fan of Culture Trip for a while now, it’s a global tech media start up founded by Dr Kris Naudts in 2013. He used to be an academic psychiatrist, & wanted to make local culture more accessible.

Fast forward to 2017,  he is the CEO of one of the fastest growing digital businesses. It is such an inspiring story, especially as he comes from a medical background.

How the Culture trip app helps you find great spots (via Culture trip):

  • Covers 300+ locations in depth with more being added all the time.
  • Inspires travellers with unknown places, expert advice, local knowledge and recommendations.
  • Using artificial intelligence, the app gradually learns from each individual user, giving recommendations based on your personal preferences, identified interests or customised to your specific travel dates.
  • Identifies your current location and shows travel inspiration for that area, so you can browse when in your hometown or when on holiday.
  • Allows you to save and revisit your favourite finds and easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Download the app here, available on IOS & Android.



1. Coppa Club | Tower Bridge

We started off with a delicious and healthy breakfast of champions at Coppa Club, a riverside restaurant near Tower bridge. If you haven’t been, then you are in for a treat.

The outdoor cabanas were adorned with wisteria & roses, the Shard & Tower bridge posing in the background. A perfect hang out spot with amazing views of London landmarks.

We had a welcome sight of vibrant food on the table, bursting with vitamins. Fresh juice, pancakes, fruit, yoghurt, pastries, & avocado on toast with salmon. A strawberry oats breakfast smoothie.


The menu has a huge selection of breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner options.

Address: 3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6AH

Nearest station: 10-15 minute walk from London bridge, < 10 mins from Tower bridge station.


2. Alternative London Tour | Shoreditch

After a scrumptious breakfast, we headed East for a photowalk in Shoreditch to explore London’s east end.

If you want to discover the real London ‘off the beaten track’, then definitely check out the award winning Alternative London tours. These guys are so knowledgeable about London, & will show you things that even savvy Londoners don’t know about.

East London is an important cultural hub, with many independent brands and creatives. Together they have formed a social enterprise, that supports the local community and creative scene.

Syd’s Coffee Stall near Spitalfield’s market opened in 1919, & was London’s first coffee stall.

Boundary estate is known as the world’s first social housing project, & was built in 1890 on the Shoreditch slums. This was an effort to enable respectable living conditions for the residents, the estate had it’s own grocery stores, barbers, & a series of other shops. Leila’s shop is still there today, & is part cafe, part community grocery store.

The roads in Brick Lane are weaved with history: every window, doorway, or wall has some sort of story. It’s a backdrop to some fascinating moments in the history of London.

We were shown street art murals by famous artists such as Banksy hidden in plain sight in East London. It was great being shown around with the perspective of a knowledgeable local, who is also a part of the creative community.

Brick Lane is full of independent brands, such as chocolate boutique Dark Sugars

Walking down some of these roads, you can’t help but imagine how it must have been in Victorian times. Some of the houses here are so old, & well preserved.

Peaky blinders, & quite a few other period shows have been filmed in this area.

Find out more about the Alternative London tours here


3. Radio Alice Pizzeria | Hoxton Square

Our final stop for the day was to Radio Alice Pizzeria in Hoxton Square for a lesson in the art of pizza making.
This authentic italian pizza spot is in an old Victorian school, & serves delicious pizza with the seasonal ingredients from small scale Italian providers.
It is the real deal! Founded by brothers Matteo and Salvatore Aloe & Emma King, who clearly are really passionate about great food.
They have perfected old baking techniques to keep their pizzas crisp on the outside, & soft inside. Their hallmark pizza base is a blend of organic stoneground flour & mother yeast sourdough.

Tasty sourdough Italian pizza made with a red base of organic whole tomatoes with crushed basil & olive oil.  Topping: aubergine, tomato, smoked scomorza cheese, & basil.
If you prefer a white base for your pizza, it’s made with organic creamy fiordilatte mozzarella.

We were given a talk about the techniques they use for making a great base, and the seasonal organic Italian ingredients that are used for the pizza.

After that we all had a go at making a pizza of our choosing, with delicious toppings. After taking a zillion pics, it was so satisfying to finally try it. Yum. I shall be back for more!

Ps. I hear there is a new Radio Alice branch in Clapham..

Address: 16 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NT


I hope you found this post useful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

Download the Culture trip app here //Available on IOS & Android.

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  • Reply THE BEST TRAVEL APPS OF 2017: IPHONE AND ANDROID - The Luxe Edition July 24, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    […] If you are looking for an easy way to discover great unknown local spots in your home town, or when on holiday then this is the app for you. There are over 300 locations with in depth information on each location. Get ready to grow your bucket list! Read about a day out in London using the Culture trip app to discover local gems here. […]

  • Reply Sheree Ho July 25, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Love this beautiful post…I have never been to London but I’ve always wanted to visit. I know that everyone is posting about Big Ben, the bridge, or other popular tourist attractions, but a local culture gem are so good to discover. The wisteria adorned cabana is beautiful, I would love to enjoy a mean there.

    xo Sheree

    • Reply Zahra July 25, 2017 at 1:33 pm

      Thanks Sheree! London has so much to discover, it helps having access to some local insider tips to find the best parts 🙂

  • Reply Eliza Armand July 25, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    That sounds like an amazing trip, because there are a lot of hidden gems in your city you don’t know about. And this is what I would love to experience too. The Coppa Club looks so lovely with all the nice flowers and the view, of course. And how delicious everything looks, yummy!
    The Alternative London Tour sounds interesting, I was attending something similar, but in Hamburg. It was so much fun! And this part of London looks absolutely different compare to the “royal” one. I bet you can find some great places there, and Banksy art is an absolute proof of that, haha! I’m going to visit London next spring. Hope I could find all those hidden gems. Thanks for the post!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • Reply Open Kloset By Karina July 25, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    hey Love,
    Such an Amazing Trip:) I have never Been in London but I will save your post for sure:) I want to Visit Everything, really:)
    I was drooling over the Food Photos:)
    To find Hidden Gems is always so Exciting:)
    The Alternative London Tour sounds sooo Interesting, very nice:)
    Love Kisses
    Happy Week

  • Reply Diana Horsfall July 26, 2017 at 12:27 am

    Omg I am so jealous that you had chance to explore places that no one probably knows except locals. I am going to upload this app since I am traveling a lot as well! Thanks for share!

  • Reply Candace July 27, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Hearing about apps like these make me think to myself…why and how didn’t I come up with something genius like that? Having apps like Culture Trip allows you to explore so much more than the average person would have, not knowing about any of these places to visit. I know I for one, love hands on stuff, so visiting Radio Alice Pizzeria is right up my alley. I need to download this app asap!

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