If you were to time travel, you would see that the art of flower arranging begins in Ancient Egypt. The Romans & Greeks took it to another level using flowers for greater luxury.

Flowers rained from the ceiling at lavish banquets in Ancient Rome & Greece. A thick layer of roses would cover the floor, & scent the room in heavy rose fragrance.

Roses were often used at mealtimes, & due to the fragrance, this was called the ‘Hour of the Rose‘. Imagine that..


History lesson over, & back to our times: flower arranging classes are especially in demand. Who doesn’t love flowers?!

We definitely do..who is going to the Chelsea flower show?

Apparently we spend more than £2 billion a year on cut flowers in the UK.





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                                                                                                                                                                         via London Flower School

I was recently invited to a flower arranging masterclass at the newly opened London Flower School, an innovative floristry school.

If you love faffing with flowers or want to try out a creative course in London, you  definitely want to check this out.

Founded & led by Wagner Kreusch with Helen Dyson, the London Flower School teaches the art & business of floristry. With classic & contemporary floristry techniques, they encourage others to find their own style & self expression.

London flower arranging classes, flower design on table, innovative flower design london

                                                          via London Flower School

Wagner is a genius of a florist, who was previously head tutor at McQueens Flower School, & has a background in graphic design.

Looking at his creative work made me really excited to go to this event.

Our class took place at the beautiful South London Place Hotel after a blogger brunch, but the London Flower School is in King’s cross, London.

We walked into a beautiful room full of colourful fresh flowers, folded aprons & scissors waiting on the table for us.

A fun morning was ahead of us.

Wagner led the flower arranging class, explaining & demonstrating the principles of artful floral design inspired by nature.

He made a beautiful natural style flower arrangement in an urn, making it look so easy. He’s a master at floral design, & clearly loves what he does.

We learnt a few guiding ideas & then were encouraged to recreate our own masterpiece. Not to copy, but to test & find our own styles. Everyones floral display attempts turned out different, but beautiful!

A great environment to learn, get inspired & create floral art.

We went home with big smiles, and our huge floral creations. Some of us got stopped a few times by others asking where we had got the arrangements from!


Some floristry tips we were given for natural style displays:

-Clean the foliage from the stems to prevent the vase filling with foliage. 

-Trim the stems diagonally.

-Avoid using oasis floral foam, which is bad for the environment. Use chicken wire instead.

-Start with foliage, & then add some more as you build your design to add texture to the arrangement.

-Be brave, & go low with the flower so it touches the table. I.e with ivy so it looks like it’s growing from the table.

There were more tips, but I’m afraid I didn’t make a note of them all..


Final thoughts

This flower arranging workshop at the London Flower School with Wagner & his team was so informative & enjoyable. It was creative, inspiring, experimental, & really relaxing.

I am still along way away from being a pro, but I learnt so much & felt really inspired about the creative possibilities.

Whether you are a newbie or a florist wanting to learn more, I would totally recommend the London Flower School flower arranging classes. Or maybe you’re looking for something creative to do in London.

I know I’ll be back.

If you try it out, do let me know what you think 🙂


The London Flower School

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