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Brunch At The Café Royal, Piccadilly Circus - The Luxe Edition

Brunch At The Café Royal, Piccadilly Circus

Brunch-At-The-Cafe-Royale-Review-Picadilly-circus Brunch-At-The-Cafe-Royale-Review-Picadilly-circusBrunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review-PancakesBrunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review-Hot-chocolate Brunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review-Omelette-Salmon Brunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review Brunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review Brunch-At-The-Cafe-Royale-Review-Picadilly-circus Brunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review-Macaroons Brunch-At-Cafe-Royale-Review

At the bottom of Regent’s street, is the Hotel Café Royal, just moments away from Piccadilly Tube station. The perfect location if one is going shopping. I recently went for Brunch to the Café Royal with a friend, with high expectations. The beautiful displays of cakes, tortes, pastries, and macaroons tastefully arranged, promise a delicious experience. I hear that they are freshly made every day by the pastry chef. Inside, it is quite pretty with the Easter Spring theme of white blossoms, flowers, nightingales, & the odd rabbit or spring chicken.


The Breakfast Menu is served from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

Tea is usually my favourite morning beverage, however on this occasion the Hot chocolate created with Valrhona chocolate stole the moment. With fanciful names such as The White Lady (White chocolate with cinnamon and star anise), Chocolate Praline Hazelnut No.1 (72% Arigani chocolate), Salted Caramel Kiss (Caramelia 34% milk chocolate), & Yin and Yang (White chocolate and Guanaja 70% chocolate). It is hard to make a choice when pressed with options! I went for Yin & Yang hot chocolate, & wasn’t disappointed with it. 🙂

Amongst the black & green teas available were: Coconut, Mango, Lychee & Rose, Chai, Jasmine Pearls, Jade Tips Green, & Green Matcha Tea.

I chose the 3 egg frittata served en cocotte with smoked salmon, served with toast.It didn’t really stand out, taste-wise I was hoping for something a bit more mouth-watering. Youjin chose pancakes, served with fresh berries, and maple syrup. The pancakes were nice, but a little on the dry side.


Perhaps I caught them on a bad day, as we had a bit of a frosty reception. Once ordered, the food did not take long to come. After that, the service was very slow. After failing to catch the attention of the staff, ordering more food didn’t seem to be a good idea, so we paid at the till & left.

Overall, the Café Royal is in a good location, & does good yummy hot chocolate drinks. The food was alright. It is a shame that the service lets them down, the one reason I won’t be visiting again soon.

Hope you found this review useful! Do you have any favourite places in London that you can recommend? Do share in the comments below.


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  • Sounds like the hot chocolate was definitely worth the trip

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • Haha..absolutely Suze :))

  • Café Royal is such a beautiful place for meetings, but I never had the chance to go there for brunch. Sorry to hear they didn’t do well with the service. Shame!

    Missy, I need some of that hot chocolate that you showed me! I will wear better shoes, so I don’t make another plunge.

    • Yes Lu, the service really lets them down.
      Anyway, I am back in London: and it is time for us to catch up! :)))

  • Sana Akhtar

    Ah pretty place and ooh that hot choc sounds lush!

    • Speaking of which, we are long overdue a hot choc catchup missy! :p

  • Those pancakes are making me hungry (and I just had lunch)! Shame about the service :/


    • Haha..they look good don’t they! Yes, if the service were better I’d be going back :p

  • Ah what a pain, I do hate it when the service lets the whole experience down!! The eggs do look delish though, I can’t go past some salmon! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte