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Are you a flower lover? Hurry!

The Hampton court flower show is open July 4-9th 2017. Run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), it is the world’s largest flower show. Tatton Park (Cheshire) is open 19-23rd July 2017.

There are over 200000 flowers, with spectacular displays, the latest innovative garden designs, & environmentally friendly show gardens.

Set on the grounds of the Hampton court palace, it’s a fun day out with lots to see & try out.

I made my way across town for the press day, equipped with cameras & gear. Thankfully I remembered to take my SD card. Phew!

My favourite was the Rose festival, which was full of gorgeous displays, & various types of beautifully scented roses. The scent was incredible. I didn’t want to leave. Roses of all shapes, colours, & textures. If you love roses this is one place you need to visit!

The roses here are not only beautiful, but are naturally scented as well.

Award winning Luxury Florists The Real Flower Company was at the show too, their exquisite fragrant roses are grown on a farms in Hampshire, Chichester & Kenya.

The roses smelt heavenly, you can check out the scent bar at their stand in the Rose Tent at Hampton Court. I learnt that most cut roses generally don’t have any trace of scent, as commercially grown roses have their scent gene removed to make them last longer.

The roses at their farms are grown with the scent gene intact. Yay, I want to see the farms! They also have a store in Chelsea if you fancy visiting.

The Mocha Rose is one of their most popular roses for brides. By the Real Flower Company. The pink roses on the left have an exquisite fragrance. More pics here.

The Scent Bar at Hampton Court sharing scents from the English Garden. More pics here

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Highlights 2017

  • Gardens for a Changing World See how plants and gardens can heal, bring unused spaces alive, and act as flood barriers.
  • Conceptual Gardens with some of the hottest innovative garden designs.
  • Show Gardens lots of inspiration for creating your own garden.
  • Butterfly Dome – lot’s of beautiful fluttering butterflies inside the dome.
  • Floral Marquee- you can buy some beautiful flowers & plants for your garden here. Lot’s of beautiful displays too.
  • There are lot’s of fun activities happening, with demonstrations, cookery classes, performances and family friendly activities.

Have you been? Let me know 🙂

Ps. Scroll down to see more pics of the show below, & the rest will be in this gallery.

Time for a picnic with a Fortnum & Mason’s hamper 

These gorgeous fluffy pink roses called Aloha gave out a beautiful scent. 

Petal Series: Roses at the RHS Hampton Court

More pics from the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show here.



RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Open July 4-9th 2017

Address: Hampton Court Palace East Molesey Surrey KT8 9AU

If you’ve missed the Hampton Court Flower show, Tatton Park Flower Show is on July 19-23rd 2017. More details here.

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  • Natasha Botkin

    The photos are amazing! I loved seeing the vibrant colors and healing energies from the flowers. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Yana! Glad you liked it 🙂

  • The flowers are beautiful! I can only imagine how great they smelled!

    • Thank you! The scent was so beautiful!

  • labiba

    beautiful colours zara 🙂

  • Ruby

    I wish I can go to this show! It’s a gorgeous place!

  • jacqueline

    Oh my god this sounds so amazing! I love stuff like this. Recently I went to a lavender festival and absolutely loved it. I’ve been wanting to go to a rose garden for so long. Thanks for sharing